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The island of Rügen in Germany has enormous potential fishing. Here are living most of inland species of fish and sea fish which live in this region of Europe. Here are caught pike, zander, perch, and garfish, cods and large salmons. This huge expanse of water and vast resource predators. Rügen is an island that has many large bays (Bodden). While fishing on some of them you can not see the edges of the island.

This is the best pike fishing in the world! Here living a lot of fish over a meter. Specialists are looking for in these waters pike in excess of 120 cm! That's not all, because there is a real chance of catching pike in excess of 130 cm and even 140 cm! It is real, because that big fish are caught there. The waters of Rügen (Bodden) is a lot of restrictions that make protected fish and all other animals. The fishery is encouraged method of "catch & release" in relation to the catch big pike. The waters of the "internal" Rügen is completely prohibited trolling. Fishing for pike in this area does not belong to simple and easy. You have to take into account the difficult conditions on the water, with variable weather. During the season there are days in which even can not be put out into the bay. But later, the profesional anglers are persistent bestows really beautiful fish. Moreover, Rügen at all very interesting and beautiful place. In free time you can visit the island of Rügen and watch her beautifull spots. Rügen is very varied coastline, from the great wide bays (Bodden), up to tens - meter high cliffs, which are nevertheless typical of coast of Ireland.

For us, the main attraction in Rügen (Bodden) are pike, but fishery is full of zander, perch and many species of sea fish, where the king fish is a salmon. We focus on catching big pike, because here in this case can everything really happen. You should reckon with the fact that you can catch every minute stand "eye to eye" with the great - pike of your life. This is the biggest pike fishing in the world! And there's no doubt about it! This is not bid for each angler, but each requires pike angler will have a chance to fulfill their dreams. We focus mainly the only big pike fishing, avoiding places where strike small fish. Check out our offer! Enjoy!